Last month I had the privilege to be a part of an interview by Joe Klein of Time Magazine. Joe was conducting a road trip  across states as part of Time Magazine’s Swampland  2012 Presidential Campaign coverage on was asked to attend the interview due to my involvement with the Moore County Entrepreneurship Initiative. The interview was held at Matthews Market, a local “mom & pop” convenience store in Whispering Pines. A fitting setting for a grassroots discussion of how local communities and their economic development efforts.We spoke about a myriad of topics and briefly discussed what we were attempting to accomplish in Moore County with our “Moore County Forward” concept. All in all, I am glad I was able to participate in the interview and if I have any regret it’s that I wish I said a few more things, but it was informative just listening to everyone else talk that was there.Joe said at the interview conclusion that he wasn’t sure what if anything would appear, but they did publish a discussion with Steve Wilkins and a photo of us from the interview on