What da heck is Woo Woo?

Feeling behind on Technology?
Technologically challenged?
What is a hashtag? What snapchat ????

Admit it, it is hard to keep up with technology and that includes Social Media, especially Social Media.
Facebook is just rolling out a new way to (de) rank your business in your viewer’s news feed. All that to push you to buy more ads on their platform.
Check the video below and see if you can find yourself in it 😉

Familiar? Have you seen that look on your face lately. I bet you have.

Ok so what can you do, you know you need to market yourself online!
Do it yourself? I have seen many a business owner needing a straight jacket after trying to tackle that beast.
Hire an “expensive” marketing agency? Well is it that expensive? Think about all the time you would save and then also include the possibilities.

Here are your formulas:
Saved hours X your average hourly rate = this is what you could have made if you where not engaged with trying of FIX your website or to learn how Facebook Ads work.

Spend $ for agency (+$ spend for online ads) – $ saved in comparison to traditional marketing = WOW!!! I have seen this number negative.
Let me give you an example: $800/month spend for a company that takes care of your Facebook and twitter posts plus $400/month spend on Facebook ads that converted to 200,000 impressions (this is not exaggerated) and 500 hits on the website which in turn made you $5000 in online sales.
We have made comparrisons and found that this kind of conversion will cost you approx. $2000 in traditional ads (newspaper, radio, TV).
–> so: ($800 + $400) – $2000 = -$800 now add the $5000 you have made and you come up with $5800 in revenue and savings compare that to
$3000 in revenue before your online endeavors.


So in essence, what has looked so ridiculous expensive actually made you money. Just because you have trouble grasping the concept does not mean you have to fallback on your “old ways”.

Don’t be this person:
Q: Why do you still buy newspaper ads?
 Because it is easy
(true conversation by the way)

Instead start the journey into the tech and online world with a trusted partner by your side!
Listen to Mary!:
“We have just sold a house thru Facebook and our website and recouped our investment for the consulting, build and maintenance times 10. This is amazing, we should have started way earlier with online marketing”.

I rest my case,
Sven Schaefer