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? Can you recommend good SEO online tools ?

Yes, try this one:
Here you can find a great Keyword Search Tool:

? My Company wants me to post only promotional posts on social media. I know this is not the way to do it, how do I persuade my superiors ?

The main goal here is to build relationships and, for businses purposes, create fans and leads!
As “Social Media” implies, users of the various platforms want to socialize, share, laugh, enrich their lives or simply browse around. To much “selling’ will not go over well. Just how what YOU would feel like: would you keep tweeting if the whole Twittershere would be just another ad platform. Would YOU even go there? Most probably not. YOU can delete “unlike” or “unfollow” someone very quickly, click and it is done. All the work you have put in for that future customer … for nothing. I found the email example very helpful: “What do YOU do with spammy email?” Unsubscribe from it. And that is exactly what Social Media users do if you do not entice them with content that enriches their lives.
Use your website, traditional media and – careful now – email marketing as your selling tools once you have earned the trust of your followers. This is a very effective approach. Remember: “YOU have to earn their trust first”, then they will buy from you.

Not to say that you should not promote your business now and then. But do it subtle like: “Come on out to our great xyz-event where we will have amazing deals for you” or “May is approaching quickly, click here for promotions that we have selected only for you” – personalize your message
Some supervisors have the preconceived notion that Social Media is just another [cheaper] way to sell products and services. This show a fundamental misunderstanding of what Social Media really is.
Used the correct way, it can be an incredible and cost-effective channel to increase your ROI and revenue.


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