The 2012/2013 NFL season, the 93rd season of the National Football League is set to begin Wednesday, September 5, 2012. The defending champion, the New York Giants are hosting the Dallas Cowboys in the 2012 NFL kickoff game. Time to look around in the office to check for possible NFL fans. Sven is a long-time New England Patriots fan (that makes his pet, the Panda, a Patriots fan too, I guess) and our graphic designer, Nikki, also cheers for the Boston based team. Jeremy is not too much into Football and I am a hopelessly dedicated Dallas Cowboys Fan (I know …) and so, of course, is the Gecko (he had no saying in this!).

We all might support different NFL teams but when it comes to local High School Football we all are Pinecrest High School fans! Having a son there who is a rising senior  (and a New York Giants fan) made the decision even easier …

So, three years ago, when talking to Lisa Hees, the president of the Pinecrest Patriots Booster Club, we decided to support the team by designing and maintaining their website. Until then, they only had a web appearance through the Moore County school system which of course didn’t allow them to show their sponsors’ names on the site or to implement RSS feeds. Giving them their own website also allows fans, parents, coaches and friends to interact and to leave comments. To make a long story short: We have been with the Pinecrest Patriots ever since and love what we do. Having a chance to support a local school (team) and to get an insight into their organization has been a rewarding and fun job!

If you would like to know more about the Pinecrest Patriots, please go to:
If you want to support them, please go to:

Oops, before I forget. I “talked” to the Panda and asked him if I could take a picture of him in his favorite team jersey. He agreed ….

Pinecrest Patriots Panda

Go, Pinecrest Patriots, go!!!