I’m assuming that the average office space has a reception area, one, two or even three work areas, a bathroom, a kitchen or lunch/break room and maybe an additional conference room. Have you ever wondered how to calculate the square footage of your (future) office  space?According to James M. Bucki, Sr. (Director of Computing Technology at Genesee Community College) there is no exact science to do so but he recommends:

  • President: 400 sq. ft,
  • “Panda” space not included!
  • Vice Presidents: 200 sq. ft
  • Managers: 150 sq. ft.
  • Reception Area: 100 sq. ft. + 10 sq. ft. per person waiting
  • Conference Room: 50 sq. ft + 25 sq. ft. per person seated;
  • Luckily the Gecko only needs wall space …
  • Lunch/Break Room: 75 sq. ft. + 25 sq. ft. per person seated
  • Secretaries: 125 sq. ft.
  • Customer Service Reps: 125 sq. ft.
  • Accountants:150 sq. ft.
  • Programmers: 125 sq. ft.
  • Engineers: 175 sq. ft.

At Tangram Media we even have, what we call, a “think tank” (German pronounciation: “sink tank”), a room designated to brainstorming, developing strategies and ideas and sometimes to “thinking out of the box”. The colorful and comfy bean bags in there make it easy to relax and chill.

With all the necessary square footage, a great team to work with, two “pets” and so many nice customers this place is just “fun” to work at.

See you at our office sometime …