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“A Million Lightbulbs went off in my head after my
Tangram Media Expert told me how Social Media is supposed to work.”
Social Media is now the most effective means of engaging with existing and future customers. At Tangram, we combine social media marketing with business strategy to give you a road map for your brand. Empowering your brand thru the marriage of tactical know-how and strategic planning.

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Social Media Marketing + Business Strategy

Using our technology and military backgrounds we help you filter the noise, train your team, and take action.
We start with a strong foundation of training & coaching on the day-to-day tools and skills to use social effectively. We follow with a strategy road map for your brand that puts social in context of your business working toward goal alignment, better communication & collaboration across your silos.

Tangram Media University

The Tangram Media University will start in the spring of 2015. This online platform will provide you with a wide array of video lessons covering topics from Social Media to Website implementation. At Tangram we have always been in the business of “Knowledge Transfer”, all to empower you to dominate the online realm.

Web Development

Tangram Media + PageTree is a strategic partnership delivering PageTree’s SAAS responsive web platform providing you with a future-proof web presence for your business thru regular platform updates. Developed with the front-end Bootstrap framework, the stuff behind Twitter and countless other sites. We provide an optimized, mobile-friendly site with an easy-to-use CMS with integrations to Google Analytics, social media platforms and built in business intelligence.

Social Media Consulting NC

Our Process

Tactical Know-How

We start by building a solid foundation of day-to-day expertise in social & technology for your team to maximize their current capability with the social initiatives already underway. This foundation also makes the implementation of the strategic road map in near real-time as your team is already spun up.

Strategy Development

We speak business and work toward the goal of making technology work for you and not the other way around. Our experiences in technology, business, and the military are combined to formulate a road map encompassing not just your social media efforts but your entire enterprise. Think of it as traditional business consulting with a twist.

Implementation and Analysis

The implementation phase is compromised of several stages. Close communication with your companies stakeholders and continued training are the foundation for the project’s success. We help you set goals, analyze the important data and thus take corrective action resulting in a higher ROI.

Continued Support

At Tangram Media we love to help. Our customer support really cares about you and your organization. Even though you will become an expert after our training, the lightning speed at which the technology world moves theses days makes it hard to keep up. On top of all that you have your work cut out for you. We will not leave you hanging – that is our promise.

In a Nutshell

Strategy & Planning

consulting – planning – implementation

Social Business Audit

know what ya’ got, make it better

Training & Workshops

customized one-on-one or team workshops and training

Social Brand & Identity

transfer your brand to social – humanize

Social Media Done For You

build & nurture community – full execution

Conversion Optimization

set goals – analyze – reevaluate – achieve

Technology Evaluation

assess – improve – increase ROI

Technology Alignment & Sustainability

sync your technology and business goals – sustained smooth sailing 

Seminar & Keynote Speaking

book our knowledge and profit from it

Teach Yourself

24/7 social media and online illumination – you can do this!

We believe, using Technology in innovative ways will unleash companies’ real potential

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Testimonial We Want Sven Tangram Media Bobbie Felder

Social Media One on One Training, Seven Lakes Massage

Tangram Media Lewis Bennett

Web Development and Social Media Account Management , Green Dreams Landscaping Inc.

Tangram Media Bruce Adams

Social Media Account Management, BLAdams, LLC

Upcoming Events

Tangram Media has been at the forefront of Social Media and innovative online technology for many years. Our trade is knowledge transfer. We just love to help! Why should we keep what we have learned a secret? The right way is to let the entire community profit from our expertise. This approach will ensure sustainable growth and most of all: a competitive advantage.

Please find our fall calendar of events in the box to the right. If you have any questions or would like to signup for an event please email us: or call us (877) 426-8880.

Past Events

If you should have any questions about past events i.e. Course agendas or handout requests, please do not hesitate to contact us

September 29th 2014, 6-8pm - Twitter for Your Small Business
#doyouknowhowtousehashtags effectively? Come to this dynamic class and find out how to group your tweets, connect with potential business partners, clients and customers. Bring your smart device and join us.Register Here Map It
September 22nd 2014, 6-8pm - Optimize Your Online Business Presence

Are you getting the most out of your social media and web presences? Is it becoming laborious keeping up with it all? Join us to streamline your efforts for the best online effect.

Register Here Map It
September 18th - Keynote presentation at PRIMA conference

During the this years PRIMA conference in Charlotte our President Sven Schaefer will talk about Social Media Goals and useful Strategies concerning Social Media.
PRIMA is a statewide organization comprised of North Carolina Community College Public Relations, Information and Marketing officials working together to enhance marketing and communications efforts on all state community college campuses while providing professional development opportunities within the North Carolina Community College System.

Learn More
September 17 2014, 6-8pm - LinkedIn for Your Small Business

Is your business represented on LinkedIn? If not, learn how to maximize your presence on this professional social networking giant and connect with potential clients and customers. Bring your smart device and join us.

Register Here Map It
September 4th 2014, 6-8pm - Google Analytics

What should Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs know? Many small businesses struggle to get Google Analytics set up, let alone use it to pull out meaningful data. Do you know what’s driving leads/sales to your website? Google Analytics can tell you. Let us help.

Register Here Map It





October 8th 2014, 9am-noon - Social Media Basics for businesses

The Why and How of Social Media.

Register Here Map It
November 3rd 2014, 6-8pm - How Does Your Business Rank Online?

Have you heard of search engine optimization? Do you want to know how to move up in major search engines like Google and Yahoo? Join us to learn how.

Register Here Map It



What You Need to Know About Google +

Thursday, March 12, 2015 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM @Sandhills Community College Small Business Center Van Dusen Hall

Google+ is quickly becoming a social media giant. If you are not utilizing it you could be crippling your search engine optimization. Join social media expert Sven Schaefer as he shares the ins and outs of Google+ and how to make it a regular part of your posting.

Register Here Map ItAlso check the updated SBC events here 
Are You LinkedIn?


Thursday, March 19, 2015 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM @ Sandhills Community College Hoke Center Campus Raeford, NC

Is your business represented on LinkedIn? If not, learn how to maximize your presence on this professional social networking giant and connect with potential clients and customers. Bring your smart device and join local social media expert, Sven Schaefer as he shows you the importance and how to get started.

Register Here Map ItAlso check the updated SBC events here 



Social Media - The Basics

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM @Sandhills Community College Hoke Center Campus Raeford, NC

More essential today than ever is a social media plan. It is the powerhouse driving marketing efforts. Join social media expert Sven Schaefer as he gives you the basics to start your plan.

Register Here Map ItAlso check the updated SBC events here


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