Social Media Marketing

“A Million Lightbulbs went off in my head after my
Tangram Media Expert told me how Social Media is supposed to work.”
At Tangram we connect your business and Social Media to become a real marketing powerhouse.
We help you to effectively and profitably take charge of your online efforts.
Strategic Planning, Coaching and Management of your Social Media accounts are our speciality.

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Technology Consulting

At Tangram we have always measured our success by our clients’ success.
To help clients succeed, we combine our deep knowledge of their organizations with strategic
consulting and cutting-edge technical and online capabilities to address complex challenges.
We work alongside clients to serve as their essential partner, helping solve their toughest problems.

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Social Media Marketing

Your business success is our primary goal. Social Media is now the most efficient and profitable way to engage with your existing and future customers. We help you sort out the noise, train your staff, teach you how to set measurable goals and manage your entire online efforts.

Technology Consulting

Are your Gears in Sync? Is the machine running smoothly? We have seen a lot of businesses struggle with their technology. Our optimized process will ultimately help you regain control again. We aid you in choosing the perfect online, soft- or hardware solution for your business or optimize the communication between your IT department and management.

Tangram Media University

The Tangram Media University will start in the fall of 2014. This online platform will provide you with a wide array of video lessons covering topics from Social Media to Website implementation. At Tangram we have always been in the business of “Knowledge Transfer”, all to empower you to dominate the online realm.

Web Development

Only an optimized and mobile ready web presence will guarantee the best ROI for your organization. This is why we have partnered with one of the best US based web development firms: PageTree. PageTree offers prime support and products. Just as Tangram Media they will deliver a custom tailored product that will convert.

Social Media Consulting NC

Our Process

Strategy Development

“Tangram Speaks Business”, so you don’t have to put up with Geek Lingo. A well thought out data and information collection plan will lead to the development of a custom tailored Strategy Plan. This process will guarantee your success.

Content and Marketing Framework

Once the plan is formulated, a content and marketing framework is developed together with you – always having your company’s goals and visions in mind. This will lay a solid foundation for the ensuing implementation.

Implementation and Analysis

The implementation phase is compromised of several stages. Close communication with your companies stakeholders and continued training are the foundation for the project’s success. We help you set goals, analyze the important data and thus take corrective action resulting in a higher ROI.

Continued Support

At Tangram Media we love to help. Our customer support really cares about you and your organization. Even though you will become an expert after our training, the lightning speed at which the technology world moves theses days makes it hard to keep up. On top of all that you have your work cut out for you. We will not leave you hanging – that is our promise.

In a Nutshell

Strategy & Planning

consulting – planning – implementation

Social Business Audit

know what ya’ got, make it better

Training & Workshops

customized one-on-one or team workshops and training

Social Brand & Identity

transfer your brand to social – humanize

Social Media Done For You

build & nurture community – full execution

Conversion Optimization

set goals – analyze – reevaluate – achieve

Technology Evaluation

assess – improve – increase ROI

Technology Alignment & Sustainability

sync your technology and business goals – sustained smooth sailing 

Seminar & Keynote Speaking

book our knowledge and profit from it

Teach Yourself

24/7 social media and online illumination – you can do this!

We believe, using Technology in innovative ways will unleash companies’ real potential

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Testimonial We Want Sven Tangram Media Bobbie Felder

Social Media One on One Training, Seven Lakes Massage

Tangram Media Lewis Bennett

Web Development and Social Media Account Management , Green Dreams Landscaping Inc.

Tangram Media Bruce Adams

Social Media Account Management, BLAdams, LLC

Upcoming Events

Tangram Media has been at the forefront of Social Media and innovative online technology for many years. Our trade is knowledge transfer. We just love to help! Why should we keep what we have learned a secret? The right way is to let the entire community profit from our expertise. This approach will ensure sustainable growth and most of all: a competitive advantage.

Please find our fall calendar of events in the box to the right. If you have any questions or would like to signup for an event please email us: or call us (877) 426-8880.

September 4th 2014 - Google Analytics

What should Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs know?

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September 22 - Optimize Your Online Business Presence

Are you getting the most out of your social media and web presences? Is it becoming laborious keeping up with it all? Join us to streamline your efforts for the best online effect.

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November 3 - How Does Your Business Rank Online?

Have you heard of search engine optimization? Do you want to know how to move up in major search engines like Google and Yahoo? Join us to learn how.

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